I emphasize candid and storytelling moments in my wedding photography. I draw from my training as a photojournalist to tell the story of your wedding through images and a documentary style. You'll often hear me say, "Pretend I'm not here!" because really this day is all about the love you share, and I'm only there to help preserve those memories.

I love seeing what makes each wedding (and couple) unique and photographing their personalities. If you're interested in booking me, or just talking so we can get to know each other, feel free to call/text at (573)355-3278 or email at kaydbe@gmail.com.

I look forward to capturing the big day!


This past June I photographed Paden and Emily Gentry's wedding. Interestingly enough, it was in the same location as the FigNorton wedding in April. It's always nice to photograph at a venue you've been to before. You already know good spots to take portraits and where is convenient to stand and also what the lighting will probably be like. However, since both of the weddings were outside and in different seasons, the back drop was pretty different the second time around. It was much cooler and more overcast during the April wedding, and very bright and sunny for the June wedding. Having a hot sun beating down on you isn't ideal, but it's better than rain. The trees and grass looked much drier and without saturation at the end of June, which isn't great, but Photoshop can always help with that!

This wedding reminded me of the first wedding I photographed at Les Bourgeois Winery. Like this one, it was in the heat of summer, outdoors, and there were no clouds in the sky. To be honest I felt bad for the groomsmen wearing full suits in 100 degree heat, but it sure is beautiful to get married outside. 

The reception was in the same pavilion as the FigNorton's, and the lighting was pretty equivalent. The only difference being this reception was held earlier in the day and didn't go into night time. I still used a lot of flash for the reception, since people are dancing and the lighting inside isn't bright. I'm trying to practice using the flash more and in creative ways. This wedding party was one of the most dance oriented I've seen, which made the reception very fun to photograph!

The theme and decorations for this wedding were superb. They had beer cozies for all of their guests, and the most beautiful flowers. I had major bouquet envy. I spent a good amount of time photographing details and decorations since I had my second photographer Chelsae with me. It's always nice to have two photographers at weddings because then there's more time for the creative and detail shots. One of us can be photographing the bridal party getting ready while the other one does the decorations, shoes, rings, etc. I started my photographic career with still shots, and they're always a favorite of mine.

I'm planning on moving soon, and hopefully I'll start booking events by the time I get there, but I'll always make time to come back to Missouri for weddings. Especially in the fall season. I just can't quit you Missouri autumn. The colors changing and the cooler temperatures will forever have a place in my heart. That's all for now! I'm taking bookings for Missouri and Texas, and in the meantime enjoy these photos from the 'Gentrified' wedding! 


The hashtag for this wedding was #FigNorton because Jenna's family is so important to her (the Figges), but she was excited to marry into John's family (the Nortons). A perfect blend of the two creates FigNorton. I am so blessed to have been able to photograph my friend Jenna's wedding. She's bookish and funny and constantly reminding me how much she cares about all of the people in her life. Jenna and John were married outside in Stephen's Lake Park on April 15, 2016. The quaint little ceremony was perfect for them, followed by a rowdy reception at Riechmann Pavilion. Their wedding was the first I saw where the bride and groom actually smashed cake into each other's faces, repeatedly. I thought they'd be done after one blow, but they just kept smearing it around. It's all good though because they ended the battle with a frosting coated kiss. 

Since I'm friends with Jenna, I took a TON of dancing photos. Everyone in her family is pretty dance-happy, as am I, so I did a lot of dancing while photographing. I kept it under control for the most part, but towards the end of the evening I was being a little less guarded XD For most weddings I just do a bit of head nodding, maybe a little side to side action, but Jenna said she wanted me to feel like a guest as well, so I was given more free reign. It's pretty difficult for me to photograph dancing to begin with, since I'm not terribly tall, but that's easily rectified by a chair or small ladder. I'm going to invest in my own to carry with me from now on I think. Holding my arms over my head for two hours, trying to get the perfect angle is a bit tiring.

It was really difficult for me to edit this wedding since Jenna's a friend. I loved all of the photos (does that sound narcissistic?) because I loved the day so much. Who doesn't enjoy seeing their friend so incredibly happy to the point of bawling her eyes out? Usually I can make pretty quick decisions based on which frames to keep and which to throw out and I'm confident in them. Something about photographing a friend had me acting like a hoarder, which slowed my editing process significantly. I think I'll know that going into the next friend's wedding, if I ever do one again. It was definitely an enjoyable experience. Guest and photographer? That's a dream combo to me.

This day was just perfect. An outdoor April wedding had me worried about rain, but it was perfectly sunny, not too hot or cold, and the wind was faint and pleasant. By the time people got to dancing the sun went down and it was cool enough to really move. Everything seemed to just fall in place, not without hard work obviously. These small weddings really warm my heart because so much of the work put into them is done by friends and family just wanting to make the day as special as possible for the bride and groom. And even after everybody's had a few and danced vigorously for hours, they all helped pack up the reception area late in the night and some even had the energy for an after party of sorts. If I ever get married I hope I'm surrounded by that kind of love and support. Okay, I'm going to stop now because I'm getting wistful. Congrats again Jenna and John! Here's some photos from the day. 

The Kellys

Photographing weddings two weekends in a row while maintaining my full time work week was a bit tricky. I rather enjoy sleep, watching Netflix, and seeing my friends. But these weddings were so much fun to photograph, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Not to mention they were beautiful. The Kelly's wedding also had a fall theme and was outdoors, so again I was in love with all of the decoration and scenery. Maureen and Andrew got married under a tree at Stephen's Lake Park with fall leaves all around. Of course I had to get some photos of the wedding party throwing leaves in the air. It provided a beautiful back drop for everything from the separate guys and girls photos, to the family photos (including the dress reveal to dad), and the couple portraits of course. I was inspired by everything around me, including the overcast sky that makes the lighting just ever so perfect for photographing. No glares in people's faces is always a plus. 

The reception was a lot of fun as well. The decorations were soft and warm, good for a chilly autumn night. And the music was just begging me to dance along with the guests. I maintained my composure for the most part. About halfway through the reception the best man comes up to me and says, "You'll want to have your cameras ready, after this song the bridal party are going to do a dance." I'm glad I was told, and dance they did. Beyonce is always a great inspiration for group dances. They were all pretty coordinated and then they let Maureen have the spotlight while they danced and cheered from the sidelines. It was very impressive, and I got a lot of great photos from that. It's great to see people do something out of the ordinary at weddings and show their personalities. If it's your day it's your day, right?

This was my sixth wedding, and I'm starting to get a definite rhythm down. Having a second photographer is a huge help (thanks Chelsae!)  And it was super nice to see Staci and Eric in the wedding party, since their wedding was my first over two years ago! They're cute as ever. I'm not scheduled to photograph another wedding until spring, winter is kinda slow for the wedding business. I will enjoy the holidays and sleep and continue working for the Columbia Daily Tribune and Buchroeders Jewelers until then. I would love to be able to do weddings more, but it is kinda difficult to break into the market. Luckily I've had some good referrals and friends getting married, and I hope that good fortune only continues. Until then enjoy these photos, and tell people about me! I have business cards now! So fancy. 

Corum Bonfire Wedding

The first wedding I photographed this October was for Tristan and Uchenna Corum on October 17th. It was a small, quaint wedding out in the country. Keeping to their fall theme they had pumpkins and mums set out and warm colors everywhere. The fall trees made a great backdrop for photos, and the evening ended with warm bonfires. The whole event had a put together, but relaxed feel to it that I really appreciate with a lot of modern weddings. 

Weddings are always tiring no matter how fun they are, for everyone involved. All of the planning and organization involved is certainly taxing, not to mention weddings are all day affairs, during which most people are standing, particularly the bridal party and people working the event. I can only speak for myself, but I think it's a good tiring feeling. I feel like it's a well earned tiredness. One followed by a nice sit on the couch, some deep breathing (maybe some drinking), followed by an excellent night's sleep. I always feel accomplished after weddings. The big day has gone over well, despite little setbacks (such as their sign misspelling Tristan's name), and everyone is well fed, happy, and relaxed. It's like the entire room takes a collected sigh of contentedness and sits back to reminisce on the day already past. I might be romanticizing a bit, but that's the general feeling I get at most weddings. And this one was no different. 

Editing weddings is always a more strenuous task than I remember. I always take at least 1000 images, sometimes upwards of 3000. It's a lot of time to sift through them, choosing between two incredibly similar images for the one with the slightly better expression, or the slightly sharper focus. But as arduous a task as editing can be, the day of always goes by quickly, and seems over before it even began. I realize this is because I hardly notice I'm working. Sure, my feet hurt and my back gets sore, but I'm making beautiful images all day, usually in very picturesque settings with extremely kind people happy to be in front of the camera. It's a very rewarding job, and I wouldn't trade it for anything, editing and all.