Boudoir photography is fairly new to me, but I already enjoy it immensely. I love customizing shoots to each person, letting them explore what they believe is sexy, and most importantly what makes them feel comfortable and like themselves. Boudoir photos can be used as gifts to significant others, or just for fun! It's nice to feel sexy and confident, just for yourself. My shoots are about self love, having fun, and exploring yourself. I don't retouch images except for lighting or color. The real you is beautiful and #everyBodyisbeautiful. My mantra is self care isn't selfish. So enjoy yourself! 

Ms. JC

Ms. JC was a delight to photograph! We had a blast listening to Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, letting our bodies sway and singing along. JC is a huge Nicki Minaj fan, and is far better than I at rapping along with her. 'Feelin' Myself' is a particular favorite of mine. How can you go wrong with Nicki Minaj AND Beyonce?

Aside from the music I enjoyed the location a lot! This house has bright colors and paintings and nice light everywhere. I like finding new places to shoot in. It can be difficult to find a good boudoir setting if you don't have your own studio. It has to be private first of all, with good lighting and a decent amount of space to maneuver in. I also appreciate settings that aren't too bland. I don't like all of my photos to take place in the same setting. It feels stale to photograph in the same room over and over, so I was super pleased to get to try this house out! And honestly the bold paint on the walls reminded me of my lime green bedroom in high school, which stressed out my Mumsy endlessly XD

I feel like I'm still learning the nuance of boudoir photography and posing.  With each shoot I am feeling more confident in my talent though! I believe I do have something to offer people who want to express their sexuality visually.  I try to emphasize body positivity and showing my subject's character, or their "brand" of sexy. Personality is incredibly important, and that doesn't change when you're putting forward your sexy self. Sexiness is incredibly subjective, and my goal isn't to only promote one type of sexy or determine what it should be for everyone. We get enough of that in Hollywood. 

So if you're feelin' yourself, perhaps we can collaborate! I have some ideas for future sessions that I'm excited to share!

Ms. MM

I'm referring to this lovely lady by 'MM' for privacy reasons. She gave me permission to post her pictures, but she would still like some anonymity when someone searches her name online. By no means do my clients have to allow me to post pictures, they're theirs to do with as they please, but I thought it would be helpful for potential clients to see what a typical session would look like. 

MM was a little nervous, but once she got into the groove of things I couldn't stop her from moving from pose to pose! It's always nice to see your subject open up and really get into the spirit of things. I played some Selena Gomez for mood music (uh duh), and let her do her thing. It's completely understandable that not everyone will know exactly how to position their bodies for the most flattering and intimate images, that's what I'm for! I make suggestions, including prop and outfit choices, but the client always has ultimate veto power. These images are about them and making them comfortable. I encourage them to to swat my ideas aside if they make them feel anxious or weird.

That being said, I do research poses and outfit combinations beforehand in case the client hits a wall. I have a small 'boutique' for clients that they can choose from (tops/accessories only, obviously). But I encourage all clients to bring items and clothing that they would feel sexy and amazing in. MM brought a cute hat that really made the images hers for example. I tell them to not be afraid to try out a bunch of things to see what works. What strikes their fancy one day may not be what they're feeing on another, and it gives them a wide variety of images to choose from. 

I hadn't photographed boudoir for about a year when I did this photo shoot, and it's definitely a learning curve. They don't exactly teach you how to take boudoir photos in photojournalism school. They did however teach me how to talk to people to get natural moments on camera. There's a bit more trust involved with boudoir in my opinion since the subject is so intimate, but the same principles apply. I don't know about you, but I feel pretty relaxed when listening to music, so I incorporate music into my boudoir shoots. I take requests! 

Ms. V

V's session was a quick, but productive one! She was very comfortable in front of the camera, which made my job easy. I'm liking the moodier shots, with darker lighting. Each photographer and client has their preference, but I'm still in the experimental stages. I hope to keep doing boudoir throughout my professional career, it's a great exercise in creativity and getting your subject to open up to you. I'm also a huge fan of celebrating women and women's bodies, and this allows me to do that! I appreciated V's confidence and comfort in her own skin. It takes a lot of people awhile to get there, I'm currently trying to get to that level of confidence myself. Enjoy the images and I have a couple more shoots to share in the near future! 

MB's Black & White Shoot

For MB's shoot I decided to do all black and white, and try more moody images. It was stormy out when we were doing this shoot, which inspired the moodiness even more.  Something about the human body in black & white is just so beautiful to me. MB's a good friend of mine, which made photographing her both easy and difficult. Easy because she felt comfortable with me, difficult because she also thought it was weird to be serious when looking at me and the camera since we're constantly cracking each other up. I told her it was fine to laugh,  be serious, or whatever other emotion she felt like portraying. Boudoir is really what you want it to be for yourself. 

We also took boudoir into the bathroom during this shoot. I asked her if she was comfortable with a bubble bath setting and she immediately said, "YES!" It's technically not in the bedroom, but it's also an intimate setting. And she got to have a lot of fun blowing bubbles, not to mention feeling relaxed in a warm jacuzzi bath. I thought the consistency with black & white throughout would take the setting from bedroom to bathroom seamlessly. And the light in that bathroom is a photographer's dream! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did making them. 

J's Second Shoot

I was so happy to photograph J again since she was the first boudoir subject I ever had last year! She graciously let me use her as my guinea pig, and she decided to have another go at boudoir. The first thing she said to me when she arrived was that she was going to be more confident this time around. I thought she was pretty fabulous last time, but we're all allowed to think how we want about ourselves. She certainly had a bolder lip on this time. I've been getting more into lipsticks as well. I used to be shy about wearing them. I thought they drew too much attention and I felt like an imposter when I wore them. That of course is absurd, there is no "right" person to wear lipstick or any make up for that matter. If you like wearing make up then do so! If you don't, then don't. Just like in boudoir, we have to be comfortable with ourselves, and stop thinking we have to prove something. Wearing a bold lip isn't proving that you're confident or whorish or whatever other descriptor people would like to use. It just means I like lipstick, and I chose to wear it. 

But back to J! She was wonderful, really. She can be fierce when she wants to, and also shows me her beautiful smile. I thought the photos were a great representation of who she is, both silly and sexy. She brought some great props this time around too. I personally am a huge fan of the cat ears. If you've ever met J you know how much she loves animals, particularly cats. I've seen her wear so many cat shirts and dresses, I wonder if she has anything else in her wardrobe. I too am a cat lover, and my kitten kept coming in and out of the room during this photo shoot, which seems appropriate some how. Each shoot is its own experience, and I hope to create many more! Enjoy J's photos, and contemplate what props you would use in a similar shoot.