I have a fairly unique experience with product photography. I've been photographing jewelry for Buchroeders Jewelers in downtown Columbia, Missouri since March 2015. The product I photograph is very small, and usually has a lot of facets and details that need to be shown to really display the value of each item. Because of this I use a macro lens almost exclusively. I had fiddled with macro photography before this, but only ever as a hobby. Working for Buchroeders has been a lot of trial and error and a lesson in focusing on details. It's much harder to hide mistakes at the macro level. I've had the chance to do a few holiday promotional photo shoots for the store, which was incredibly fun, but my day to day work is all about moving through the inventory and making sure the jewelry is looking its best online. We surprisingly sell a lot of items online, but I guess it is the digital era. Enjoy some of my favorites from my time at Buchroeders! 

Product Video

When I was hired at Buchroeders, they wanted a drastic change in their photography. We updated the background of the images and started filming the rings, to really demonstrate the sparkle in each stone. Here's an example video.